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What is tekneklab?
tekneklab is the first wellness studio designed to counteract the physical impact of daily use of electronic devices through group sessions of instructor led stretches, strength training, and body alignment techniques. In each 50 minute group session clients will systematically cycle through three stations: (1) instructor led mat work (2) optional inversions on FeetUp device or Inversion chair and a (3) relaxation station with zero gravity chairs and hand massagers. You will rotate through all three stations during your session. The front desk staff will assign you to one of the three stations to begin your session. You will rotate to a new station every 15 minutes.

What if this is my first group session?
If this is your first group session, please come in 10-15 minutes before your session to fill out your liability waiver and membership agreement. You may also fill out these forms prior to session here. You will need to wear a top that is more ‘fitted’ or you are able to tuck in as you may participate in inversion ‘tekniques’ where you will be upside down. When you arrive to the studio, you will sign in with the front desk staff who will ensure you have signed all of the necessary waivers and agreements. The front desk staff will show you where to store your personal belongings and give you a tour of the studio. You will be assigned to one of the three stations when you arrive to the studio. The front desk staff will show you to your first station and explain the rotation process of moving through all three stations during the session.

How early should I get to my first group session?
We recommend arriving 5-10 minutes early to allow time to store your personal belongings and sign in for your group session. If it is your first session, please read ‘What if this is my first group session?’.

What should I wear to group sessions?
There is no dress code, but we suggest wearing comfortable clothing you can easily move around in and a top that is fitted or can be tucked in as you may go upside down and you participate in stretching, lengthening, and light strength exercises on the mat or FeetUp device. Our group sessions are meant to be a therapeutic experience and an opportunity to “align your self.” tekneklab group sessions are not strenuous exercise sessions and you should not anticipate sweating during your session.

What should I bring to the studio?
1. All clients are required to wear grip socks during session. If you forget your grip socks, we sell them in the studio.
2. All clients will use a yoga mat during your group session. You are welcome to bring your own mat. We have Manduka pro LITE yoga mats that are cleaned and sanitized in between clients available in studio if you don’t want to bring your own mat.
3. We have filtered water available in the studio, we recommend bringing your own water bottle.

Are special socks required?
All clients are required to wear grip socks during your group session. If you don’t have grip socks, we have socks available for purchase in the lab.

Is parking available?
Yes, there is a parking lot behind the building as you enter on 11th Street and beneath the building as you enter on Aviation Blvd. There is also residential and unmetered parking on 11th Street.

Is there an age restriction?
For safety reasons, clients must be at least 12 years of age to attend a group session. Clients below the age of 18 may attend session by themselves with the signed consent of a parent/legal guardian/authorized adult. Adults of any age can benefit from teneklab sessions. Clients of all ages should be in good health and physically able to participate in instructor led stretches, light strength training exercises, and mat work.

How often should I go to tekneklab?
We recommend coming to tekneklab twice a week. The sessions are designed to build strength in your neck, back, shoulders and align your spine. The more you work on these ‘tekniques’, the more you will improve your posture by increasing your strength, stability, and flexibility.

Are sessions transferable or refundable?
All purchases are final and group sessions are non-refundable. Group sessions may not be exchanged, or transferred. We would love for your friends and family members to experience tekneklab. You may use your group sessions to bring a friend or family member with you as your guest (not applicable to memberships).
Please make sure you read our terms and conditions carefully to fully understand the policies regarding our memberships and session packs.

How far in advance should should I book a session?
Our schedule is live and available for booking two weeks in advance. We recommend setting your schedule, as our sessions can sometimes fill up quickly. If you book a session and your schedule changes, please ensure you cancel your reservation prior to the 8 hour window to avoid forfeiting your session.

How does the waitlist work?
Once you have added yourself to the waitlist, if a spot opens, you will be automatically added into session. Be sure to check your email and the Mindbody app to see if you've been added. Once you are added to a group session from a waitlist, you are considered confirmed and will be held to the cancellation policy. After the 8 hour window, the waitlist clears. If you didn't get in from the waitlist at least 8 hours prior to the session, please check the online schedule to see if there are any last minute openings.
If for any reason your plans change, please remember to remove yourself from the waitlist.

What if I am recovering from an injury?
tekneklab sessions are an excellent form of rehab and recovery. However, we do request that you have been cleared by your doctor to begin a regular exercise routine post-injury.

What if I am pregnant?
Continuing a healthy stretching and flexibility routine during your pregnancy is a great way to prepare your body for childbirth. If you are pregnant please let your instructor know so they may provide modifications to keep you and your baby safe, happy and healthy.

Can I bring my children and/or pets?
Children are allowed to attend if they are 12 years old or older and participating in a session. We do not allow pets in session due to potential allergies and health issues.

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