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Our team's mission is to free all current and future generations of spine, neck and posture issues caused by the daily use of electronic devices.
posture issues, curved spine

The PROBLEM...There has been an increase in cases of neck and back pain in both kids and adults.


This is likely caused by:

The additional 50-60 lbs. of force your head places on your neck when leaning forward and looking down at electronic devices for hours at a time

60 LB Weight Neck Pain Shoulder Pain

About Us


As working professionals who are also parents of school aged children, we see the physical impact of spending hours each day hunched over our computers and phones. We want to do something about it.

We have researched the potential, long-term impact of daily electronic device use. Looking down and dropping your head forward changes the natural curvature of the neck. Over time, this causes wear and tear on the structures of the neck which can lead to pain, discomfort, tension headaches, changes to vision, poor posture, and spinal disc bulging. Because of the prevalence of electronic device use, young children are now experiencing neck, back, and posture issues typically not seen until middle age.


Creating better strength, flexibility, openness, and alignment in the neck and back muscles is the best thing to reverse and prevent neck, back and posture issues that are currently on the rise. There are many ways to do this through stretch, inversion, yoga, and massage. We know people of all ages can benefit from these techniques which is why we founded tekneklab.

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