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What is

tek nek lab?

GROUP STRETCH classes to:

  • improve your POSTURE

  • cultivate MIND+BODY connection

  • relieve your TECH NECK

Stretch & Restore


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"It is an epidemic...Just look around you

- everyone has their heads down."

- Dr. Kenneth K. Hansraj



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to book a class

87% of teenagers in the US
have smartphones

Statistics and data are showing increases in musculoskeletal pain causing “text neck syndrome” and stresses on the cervical spine

Tech Stress, Neck Pain, Myopia
Cell Phone, Texting, Social Media
Cell Phone, Night Light, Texting

...are linked with too much screen time, including:


  • Sleep deprivation - Blue light interferes with melatonin production and disrupts the body’s circadian rhythm.

  • Obesity - Data shows a strong association between screen time and obesity in children aged 5 to 17, most likely due to the sedentary nature of viewing a screen.

  • Susceptibility to Type 2 Diabetes - In the UK, children aged between 9 and 10 who spend 3+ hours on the screen each day were more likely to show resistance to insulin.

  • Delayed learning - Young children who watch excessive amounts of videos on screens can experience difficulties picking up the language.

Neck Pain, Eye Strain, Migraine, Overuse
Back Pain, Work Stress, Better Posture
Surgeon, Posture, Pain
Bent Over, Bad Posture, Back Pain

Tech Neck is a health problem that has been increasing considerably the last decade 

ScienceDirect - 2023

About Us

Human Neck Stretch
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Correct Neck, Back & Shoulder Pain

tekneklab is the first wellness studio designed to counteract the physical impact of daily use of electronic devices through group sessions of instructor led stretches, strength training, and body alignment techniques.


In partnership with healthcare and wellness professionals, tekneklab created a proprietary program of 'tekcercises'.

** What to wear to sessions **
Fitted Shirt

As you may invert during session, we recommend that clients wear a top that may be
tucked in or will not expose your midriff or chest while upside down

Grip Socks
Hair Band

Stretch Back Pain Shoulder Relief

Enhance Postural Alignment

Our programming consists of assisted stretches, body alignment, posture and strength training 'tekcercises', designed to improve strength, flexibility, and alignment in the neck, back, and spine, focusing on the intrinsic muscles and retraining the nervous system.

Spine Alignment Deep Stretch

Reduce Muscle Imbalances

Spine Alignment Deep Stretch

Relieve Body Fatigue



The tekneklab team has years of experience in startup, healthcare, and Fortune 500 companies.


Our team's mission is to free all current and future generations of spine, neck and posture issues caused by daily use of electronic devices.

Our Board of Directors is a team of highly experienced healthcare and wellness professionals.

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